Pattern Imprinted Resealing & Refurbishment

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Cleaning & resealing imprinted concrete is required every 2 to 3 years.

Is your pattern imprinted concrete surface in need of re-sealing or re-colouring?

Smartseal Paving offers a full and professional cleaning and resealing service. Your pattern imprinted concrete driveway, path or patio can be restored to its original pristine condition.

Imprinted concrete is very tough and needs less maintenance than block paving. It’s a great choice when choosing a new driveway or patio surface. However, in order to maintain and protect your imprinted concrete it should be Resealed every two or three years. This is required in order to protect the concrete. Sealers will eventually wear off and this will allow the surface to wear and lose its original color. Bare concrete will begin to show through and the surface can be damaged. If this happens the repair process can be more difficult and much more expensive. Routine re-sealing of your imprinted concrete will protect your investment.

One of the key advantages of patterned imprinted concrete is that it can be cleaned and resealed time and time again, reviving the original finished product. Regular maintenance and restoration of your driveway or patio can add several years onto the anticipated life-span of the concrete.
It should be made clear that the sealant applied to the concrete is an integral part of the pattern imprinting process.  An unsealed driveway or patio will very quickly show signs of wear and tear from vehicle usage, foot traffic and effects of the weather.

Selecting a qualified and experienced contractor like SmartSeal Paving is equally important in ensuring the long life of your investment.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Before Sealing.          Pattern Concrete Path,Before resealing and refurbishment.

This is an example of Pattern Imprinted concrete resealed by an unqualified contractor. This disappointing finish was the outcome of poor application of an inferior product. Furthermore, the contractor did not have the knowledge to correct the issue, and informed the customer that adding more colour would be required to correct the problem.

Imprinted Concrete Driveway after SEALING AND REFURBISHMENT.           Pattern imprinted concrete path after resealing and refurbishment.

Fortunately, the customer contacted SmartSeal Paving, and we were able to rectify the problem. Our 20 years of experience enabled us to identify what had gone wrong in the initial application, and to correct the issue without adding more colour, and ultimately save the customer considerable money. Adding more colouring to this driveway would not have achieved the deep rich colour that SmartSeal achieved by using our tested methods and quality products, and would have been very costly. With proper sealing treatment, this driveway will now be serviceable for many many years to come.

Below are a number of examples of the quality workmanship provided by SmartSeal Paving

Resealing and Refurbishment of Pattern Imprinted Concrete.

Before resealing Pattern Imprinted Concrete.

Resealing Refurbishment Sealing Pattern Imprinted Concrete.Patio Driveway.

After Resealing and Refurbishment of Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio.

These two photographs show resealing of pattern imprinted concrete driveways and pathways in process.


resealing-imprinted-driveway-1 resealing-imprinted-driveway-2

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