Block Paving Sealing & Refurbishment

Based in the Swansea valley, and operating across the whole of Wales, Smartseal Paving will restore your block paving to its original state, colouring and sealing, leaving the surface sealed against erosion and preventing weed growth and algae from forming within the joints.

– Has your path, patio or driveway become overgrown with weeds?

– Is your block-paving discoloured and unattractive?

Smart Seal Paving has the ideal solution to your block paving needs, the reliable and long-lasting weed-free system using CRYSTALSEAL – the only system that re-colours, seals and welds the joints together

Enhance & Protect your Paving with Block Paving Sealers:

Whether you have just installed a new path, patio or driveway or simply wish to revive your existing paving this is the place to discover more about Europe’s leading paving sealers designed for concrete block paving and clay block paving. Regardless of the size and pattern of your paving, sealing is the ideal way to enhance the natural colour of clay or coloured concrete paving blocks. Not only will sealing enhance the colour and protect your investment, but it will also eliminate the appearance of annoying weeds, that seem to find even the smallest crack from which to grow.


Refurbish block paving 1

Step 1

Pressure wash the block paving making sure to remove any oils stains, algae etc: During the pressure cleaning process there will be a precise amount of sand removed from within the joints to allow the introduction of the CRYSTALSEAL

Refurbish block paving 2

Step 2

Empty out a complete bag of the crystalene beads and sweep in between the bricks filling the grout joints to the brim.

Refurbish block paving 3

Step 3

Pour the crystal-seal sealer (clear or coloured direct onto the surface in a line, then proceed to spread the sealer with a soft coconut fibre broom making sure to soak and fill the joints with sealer. (Repeat step 3 for a full gloss finish).

Repairs / Restores / Enhances the colour.

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